Paint correction and polishing are essential processes in automotive detailing that involve the restoration and enhancement of a vehicle’s paint finish. They offer numerous benefits to the appearance, longevity, and overall value of a vehicle.

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By carefully removing imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, these processes enhance the paint’s appearance, depth, and clarity. The result is a smoother, more reflective surface with a deep, glossy shine. Paint correction and polishing not only improve the car’s aesthetics but also provide protection against environmental elements, ultimately increasing its resale value and maintaining a showroom-worthy appearance.

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Paint correction and polishing can significantly improve the appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork by removing imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and oxidation. This results in a smoother and more reflective surface, giving the paint a deep, glossy, and showroom-like finish.

Swirl marks and scratches can accumulate over time due to improper washing and maintenance techniques. Paint correction and polishing eliminate or significantly reduce these imperfections, leading to a smoother and more uniform paint finish.

Over time, paintwork can become hazy or cloudy due to contaminants and minor surface damage. Polishing restores clarity to the paint, making it look crisp and clear.

Removing imperfections from the paint surface not only improves aesthetics but also helps protect the paint from further damage. Polishing helps create a barrier against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and other factors that can cause paint to deteriorate over time.

Oxidation can cause a dull and faded appearance on a vehicle’s paint surface. Paint correction removes the oxidized layer, revealing the true color and vibrancy of the paint.

If you’re planning to apply ceramic coatings or other protective sealants, paint correction is often a necessary step. The corrected paint surface allows these coatings to bond more effectively, providing long-lasting protection.

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Myklloyd CaynilaMyklloyd Caynila
15:43 29 Sep 23
I am very busy with my work schedule and Tim and his team accommodated me by staying past their working hours to get my vehicle detailed. They finished detailing the interior in just over an hour and they did an exceptional job. They even installed the new aftermarket badges that I bought for me free of charge. Tim provided me with excellent service and I highly recommend this place if you are looking to get your vehicle detailed or wrapped. Thanks again Tim.
Carling StiksmaCarling Stiksma
03:03 15 Sep 23
I had a great experience with the Kandyshop Auto Spa, I have 3 young kids and my car needed a good clean, Sam and his brother did an incredible job making my car look brand new again! I will definitely be back again for my next car detail!
Corina IlascuCorina Ilascu
01:46 16 Aug 23
Team at kandyshop did a very nice job on my detail! Great attention to detail and very professional. Would recommend!
Kevin GrimesKevin Grimes
14:43 09 Aug 23
Very passionate on vehicle appearance care and only performs valued treatments and provides in depth mentorship on how to sustain the appearance afterwards. Full service car spa!
Jappy JunejaJappy Juneja
20:29 30 Jun 23
Great Job, 3M PPF, Blackout Grill& Tinting. Must Visit.
Garnet DoroshGarnet Dorosh
15:57 22 May 23
Great service! Tim got the job done very fast for me and they did a fantastic job, only place I’ll be bringing my vehicles to from now on. Cheap prices as well in comparison.
Jovelyn AzarconJovelyn Azarcon
23:04 26 Apr 23
We asked for interior detailing for our car since it hasn’t been cleaned for so long and it obviously needed cleaning. The service was nothing short of spectacular. Samson and his brother are friendly, attentive and professional. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and they made everything easy and convenient for me. Their service definitely exceeded my expectations. I am grateful that our car is now ready for a new addition to our family. Our car not only is clean but also smells fresh. I will definitely use their service again and recommend to anyone looking for an impeccable car detail. I can’t recommend Kandyshop Auto Spa highly enough!


When it comes to paint correction our transformational procedure is great if you’re looking for a difference maker on your paint finish. The process includes a two-bucket hand wash, paint decontamination, clay bar treatment and full inspection of your paint finish before any procedure.
The goal is to deliver a whole new paint finish on your paint. This begins using a compound to correct your paint – panel by panel until the paint finish levels out. Hard to reach areas and curves will be corrected meticulously to ensure your whole car  shows a paint rejuvenation like no other.  Any light scratches and swirl marks will be a thing of the past.
We finish protecting your paint with Premium paint sealant that offers partial protection up to 8 months or Upgrade to any of our Ceramic Coatings for longer protection.
               Coupes and Sedans               Starting @ $600 (1+ day)
             5 Seater Suv and Trucks        Starting @ $750 (1+ day)
             7 Seater Suv and Trucks        Starting @ $850 (1+ day)


When it comes to paint perfection, this is the Ultimate Paint Correction. The Process includes a two bucket hand wash, paint decontamination, clay bar treatment and full inspection of your paint finish before any procedure.
The goal is to deliver a clear gloss paint finish from panel to panel. We use our compound  and polish step by step until each panel shows a complete paint rejuvenation from scratches and swirls. From soft cutting to heavy cutting the process takes time and labour intensive to deliver a brand-new paint finish.
The final steps are to polish your paint to a full gloss finish, to create a shine like no other. Our specialist performs a thorough inspection  to ensure we have a mirror perfect finish.
We finish protecting your paint with Premium paint sealant that offers partial protection up to 8 months or Upgrade to any of our Ceramic Coatings for longer protection.
The Luster Paint Correction requires in shop inspection to see the current condition of your paint. ( 2 > 3+ days)


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